Apple Won’t Let Twitter List In The App Store Under Its New “X” Name

Beeping (Mashable) has explained why Apple won’t let Twitter rebrand as “X” in the App Store. The decision is based on an Apple rule that says apps can’t use just one character for their name in the App Store.

At the Google Play Store, where the listing for the Android version of the app shows that it has the name “X” but does not mention Twitter, this does not appear to be a problem.

While iOS applications can contain upwards of 30 characters, they should have somewhere around two. There are some contradictions in the App Store listing. For example, it does say that “The X app is the trusted digital town square for everyone.”

As has been average all through the Musk rule, things are not satisfactory cut at “X” or Twitter. Regardless of the new “X” sign set at the highest point of the organization’s San Francisco headquarters and the “X” sign on the platform, there actually is by all accounts some disarray about what the social media site is called.

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But officially, it is called “X” and the re-branding is part of Musk’s plan to turn “X” into a super-app like China’s WeChat which is a social media platform, a mobile payment app, and an instant messaging service.

Nonetheless, some have proposed that the iOS posting use a space either previously or after the “X” as a workaround.

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