Apple’s Conference Is Expected To Unveil A New AI Strategy

On Tuesday March 26, Apple announced that its yearly conference meeting, WWDC, will come off June 10 through June 14.

At this year’s conference, Apple is probably going to unveil its hotly anticipated artificial intelligence technique and consumer features.

The company ordinarily unveil the most recent versions of its iPhone, iPad, Macintosh and Mac television programming during this WWD conference.

As per Apple, the conference will be livestreamed on Apple’s site, although the organization is inviting some software creators to its grounds on the first day to “celebrate face to face”.

In February 2024, Cook said Apple was “contributing fundamentally” in computer based intelligence and prodded a man-made intelligence related announcement.

Apple Might Have An Artificial Intelligence Not Long From Now

At some past conferences, the company has also revealed new professional-oriented hardware, such as Mac laptops.

At this year’s conference, Apple also plans to reveal the first major software update to the Vision Pro, the virtual reality headset it launched earlier this year.

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