Why Greetings Are Very Important Regardless Of Its Issues


I felt I ought to greet him as a sign of displaying respect, but he did not answer my salutation. All he could do was to fixedly look at me with a strange face.

Out of shame, I quickly went past him, just to get out of that ‘disgrace’. As an observant person, I was very hurt – I looked like a dumb person at that moment.

A few days later, this 50-year-vintage man who had previously debased me, also met a comparable scene where he greeted one of our heads of department in the office. Interestingly, his was very awry.

He complained bitterly to a few office colleagues that he had been put to shame by the human resource manager. This scene happened in the presence of many other subordinates.

So, is it nonetheless a bone of rivalry whether or not to go ahead with greetings all the time or not, looking at  the abovementioned scenario.

Actually, greetings aren’t binding responsibilities that have to be accorded to everyone we meet. If you greet someone, whether a known person or an unknown, it will, in some sense, bring pleasure to each parties (the one greeting) and the recipient.

Offering such greetings will assist both of you in the sense that, you may have the opportunity to get to know yourselves. And if you can be the best of friends, you can go ahead with it (optional). At times, Greetings physically save us from calamities ahead of us.

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There may be the possibility that someone may even hint you of something bad which is about to happen to you, planned by your enemies or not necessarily your enemies but someone you don’t even know.

Greetings are signs of respect given to neighbors, friends, family, etc. Unfortunately, most people feel troubled to greet and are therefore not interested about these greeting stuff.

As previously mentioned, this action isn’t always enforced, but it is a voluntary action. You can choose to be selective for your regard. It’s up to you to decide whether to greet or not, but to be on the secure side, it’s fairly good to say hello! to each known or even an unknown character you meet. Always Remember there is tomorrow!!

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