Argentina’s Abortion Legalization: Brazil President Not Happy With The Move

President Jair Bolsonaro does not support Argentina’s decision

The Argentine Senate recently approved a bill to legalize abortion. This bill which has been passed is a critical vote seen as a huge victory for abortion rights advocates in Argentina. Shockingly, the country ignored the fact that Argentina is the world’s greatest Catholic nation, with majority of the populace being Catholics.

However, Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro is incensed about the decision by their neighbors on this one. He can’t fathom why Argentina would legalize an unbelievable act that is pointed toward killing children.

According to President Bolsonaro, he profoundly regret for the lives of Argentine children, now exposed to being cut from the womb of their moms with the assent of the state.

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The law passed by Argentina will approve baby expulsion in all cases up to 14 weeks of pregnancy and as of now, possibly permitted when a pregnancy results from rape or endangers the life or prosperity of women.

Several abortion advocates believe that, both the law passed by the Argentine Congress and the colossal effort of the womens’ advancement to achieve this are an inspiration to the Americas, and to the world.

Meanwhile, on December 26, the Church of Argentina moved toward the Senate to project a polling form against the bill, with Bishop Oscar Ojea, head of the local ministers’ gathering and a blunt opponent of abortion, saying opposition was supported by “medical science and law.

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