Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks About Pollution, Climate Change And More

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger, an actor, filmmaker, politician, and activist, claims that a fundamental communication issue is hampering the global effort to mitigate the effects of climate change.

“As long as they keep talking about global climate change, they are not gonna go anywhere. ‘Cause no one gives a s— about that”. Schwarzenegger said this in a recent interview on CBS.

Let’s change the way we say this and really tell people that we’re talking about pollution, that’s my request. Climate change is caused by pollution, and pollution kills,” he added.

The 75-year-old weight lifter, actor, and former governor of California has become a public voice about environmental change through his role as the host of the Austrian World Summit, a worldwide environmental change conference.

Schwarzenegger told CBS in an interview,

“I’m on a mission to go and reduce greenhouse gases worldwide,” Schwarzenegger in an interview with CBS, “because I’m into having a healthy body and a healthy Earth. That’s what I’m fighting for. And that’s my crusade.”

An increase in atmospheric greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide is what causes anthropogenic global warming. When fossil fuels like coal and oil are burned, carbon dioxide is released.

In recent years, efforts to combat climate change have gained momentum. The global interest in delivering clean energy — that is, energy that doesn’t produce ozone depleting substances — is outperforming the global interest in petroleum derivatives, as per the Global Energy Office.

Clean technologies, such as renewables, electric vehicles, nuclear power, grids, storage, low-emission fuels, efficiency enhancements, and heat pumps, are anticipated to receive $1.7 trillion in funding in 2023. That is more than the roughly $1 trillion expected to go into coal, gas and oil, the IEA said in a new report.

Nieuwoudtville Is One Of The Least Polluted Areas In Africa

The International Energy Agency (IEA) reported in March that global emissions from energy are still rising, but only by 1 percent in 2022, which was less than anticipated.

According to the annual update that was released in November by the Global Carbon Project, an international scientific collaboration that measures carbon emissions, there is a 50% chance that in nine years, global warming will exceed the goal of 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels that was established by the Paris Climate Accord.

Although efforts to combat climate change have grown significantly, they are still insufficient.

Schwarzenegger wrote an opinion piece that was published on May 16 in ‘USA Today’. In it, he called for the environmental movement to adapt to changing times. He said that this would include rebranding communications about climate change and embracing growth that involves projects that use clean energy.

“We need a new environmentalism based on building and growing and common sense. Old environmentalism was afraid of growth. It hated building. Many of you know this style — protesting every new development, chaining yourself to construction equipment, and using lawsuits and permitting to slow everything down,” Schwarzenegger wrote in the op-ed.

″Today I call for a new environmentalism, based on building the clean energy projects we need as fast as we can. We have to build, build, build,” Schwarzenegger wrote.

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