Arsenal Manager Mikel Arteta Eulogizes Striker Alex Lacazette

Arsenal’s striker Alex Lacazette has been exceptional in front of goal for the Gunners, but he missed a big opportunity to score in the first leg of Arsenal’s Europa League match against Slavia Prague.

Lacazette felt regretful and baffled for not scoring, despite the fact that he has scored four times in the subsequent two games.

However, according to the manager of the side Mikel Arteta, he trusts it says a lot about the player.

“It shows the personality that Laca has,” our manager said. “He missed two big chances in the home game and then you have to see a reaction.

“That reaction could be with some fear, some doubt or feeling a little bit guilty. Or the other one is to have a strong personality and to react, to say, ‘Now I’m going to put them in the back of the net’.

“He’s done that in two games consecutively, being really, really efficient. Then his momentum continues, the form that he’s in continues and it’s really important for the team.”

Mikel Arteta

Lacazette has demonstrated all through his time at the club that he’s a major game player, and this season alone has goals against Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham, Leicester and West Ham.

“In key moments and in big matches, you need players – and senior players who have this experience – to make the difference for you,” Arteta said.

“For me, in his style and in his development, even if he’s soon turning 30 years old, he’s on the right path because he’s very willing to learn. He’s doing things in a much better way than before.

“He really glues the team together and that’s a quality that is not easy for a striker. He’s got it.”

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