Arsenal Owner Accused Of Low Investment In The Team

Arsenal owner, Stan Kroenke

The fans were broken and hurt when Arsenal failed to advance to the next stage of the Europa League against Villarreal. It was in fact a ‘humiliation’ for the team, who were expected to ‘sparkle’ this time around.

Arsenal had lost the first leg 2-1 and couldn’t break the halt in the return leg which finished 0-0. As per some football experts including former captain Keown, the team had unpracticed team and looked shy of thoughts. They looked cheeky and lost in the game.

Numerous fans are hollering for Mikel Arteta’s sack for a poor show, while others figure he should save his work for one more opportunity.


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After the game, Arteta – who had been the fans most loved when he originally took over in December 2019 – said he was “crushed” by the outcome yet demanded he actually thought he was the correct man for the work.

He said:

“I feel the pressure all the time because I want to do as good as I can for the team, the support that I have and for the fans. I think everybody’s job is under scrutiny.”

Meanwhile, club owner, Stan Kroenke has been heavily blamed for not investing enough money into the team and, at last, for not caring about the team’s performance on the pitch.

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Stan Kroenke’s decision to sign Arsenal up to the colossally dubious Super League also made fans fight outside the arena.

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