Asamoah Gyan Helps With Donations In The Campaign Against COVID-19

Asamoah Gyan

Quite recently, Lionel Messi and other top world footballers around the globe were chosen by the World Health Organization and football alliance FIFA to help spread the updates on coronavirus infection everywhere throughout the world.

Ghana and Africa’s iconic footballer, Asamoah Gyan has also shown concern in his country, and has travelled to many suburbia of Accra, the capital of Ghana by sharing sanitizers, face masks and other health items to the people in their respective areas on Thursday 26th March, 2020.

The Black Stars of Ghana General Captain has acknowledged the issue by helping spread the updates on the coronavirus pandemic with this motivation.

Gyan has in any case, called on other Ghanaian sports personalities to participate in the battle against the Covid-19 which keeps on ascending in Africa particularly his region, West Africa.

Gyan, through a post on social media said:

“As an icon, people look up to me. I urge all celebrities, all those who are fortunate, let’s give back to the community because this is the time that people need up. People need our support,”

“Let’s do this to help the government because the government cannot do this alone. We can’t depend on the government, these are our lives. We have to protect one another; we have to stick together.”

“Let’s take precaution, stay at home, use your hand sanitizers, let’s do everything possible to protect ourselves,”.

Gyan shared the sanitizers, facemasks and other precautionary items to people in Ghana, Accra to be precise worth a huge number of Cedis in the early hours of Thursday, 26th March, 2020.

The coronavirus cases in Ghana is quickly growing with very nearly 90 positive tests affirmed and four deaths.

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