Asogli Festival: A Unique And Beautiful Event, Plus All The Photos

On appearance, I was marked by expectations that my day would be a memorable one. Without a doubt, ‘Te Za’, also alluded to as the Asogli Yam Festival, was an extraordinary experience.

This year’s event was without any trace of anything like Covid, hence the Asogli Yam Festival was very much attended by lots of individuals from varying backgrounds. ‘Te Za’ is a collect celebration that is seen by people of Ho and its adjoining communities in the Volta Region of Ghana.

Every September, people celebrate the Yam Festival as an opportunity to offer thanks to God as well as the divine beings and ancestors, for a plentiful harvest and to pray to God for thriving and good health.

This year’s event was no different, as huge number of individuals came from different parts of the country to be part of this magnificent festival. The people of Ho, including inhabitants of Akoefe, Ho, Kpenoe, and Takla, the four conventional regions that make up Asogli, met up to display their rich culture.

The Yam Festival fell off on Saturday September 10, with a major durbar at Ho Jubilee Park. The chiefs, occupants of Asogli and visitors from different parts of the country and beyond gathered up here to participate in the festival.

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Ewes from the Republic of Togo as well as local and foreign tourists, chiefs, and some diplomats attended the festival. Present at the event was the Asogli State’s Paramount Chief, Togbe Afede XIV, who sat in state to be honored and to address the crowd.

The following are photos of the delightful Yam Festival:

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