Few years ago, one of the radio stations that was exceptionally operating in Ghana was Atlantis Radio, with the Frequency 87.9 FM. Tons of individuals, commercial businesses including private and corporate establishments were so dependent and constantly stuck to this station due to it less talk, more music style.

Indeed, practically all organizations you visit during the day were tuned to Atlantis radio not only for listening sake and the steady constant music but how audience members thoroughly consider well listening these melodies. Atlantis radio were playing variety of music but more accentuation was on calm and cool tunes for unwinding and probably to mend the soul.

The station had the best moderators in Ghana with them including Kwame Faakye and mercury Quaye. The station has likewise worked with Jon Germaine, Caroline Sampson, Jessica Saforo, George Brun, Van Vicker and numerous other top of the line moderators in the country.

For certain reasons, the English talking station went off for some years after the owner of the station, James Appiah passed on in 2016. Fortunately, Atlantis radio is back bigger and better with a similar style the listeners used to adore back in the days. Simply Tune in (87.9 FM) and enjoy quality music.

Atlantis Radio: We Do It Right!!, More Music Variety, Less Talk!!

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