Bahrain Slashes Spending Budget To Fight COVID-19


For some months now, coronavirus has been a part of us, as it is battling humankind. This has influenced for all intents and purposes everything in the world.

Nations, organizations and a lot more have all been hit by the deadly pandemic. Some countries have one way or the other, chopped down their spending limits with the most recent country to join the rundown of such economies being Bahrain.

The oil-rich Gulf country have announced an intense spending cuts, a push to extend the financial limit at a time the strike in oil costs and measures to battle the worldwide pandemic devastate income.

Bahrain has likewise declared its expectation to reschedule various development and different tasks to meet crisis expenses of shortening spread of coronavirus.

Once more, the Middle Eastern country will cut working costs for all ministries and government divisions by 30%. The legislature has additionally proposed a guideline giving workers unpaid leave.

Few weeks ago, Bahrain deployed a $11.4bn bundle to help its private division, for the most part including measures that won’t influence the spending shortage.

Currently, Bahrain has 1,895 coronavirus cases with seven deaths.

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