Banks In The U.S Aren’t Returning To The Office

Most American Financial markets are currently taking decisions to push back their return-to-the-office because of the flood in the new Delta variant of the Coronavirus.

Majority of these companies have announced that, they would push back the operation of its offices by barely a month. Big financial institutions like BlackRock, Wells Fargo and so forth are for the most part pressing ‘buttons’ to make changes right away.

Those announcements came a day after US Bank, which had wanted to take workers the nation over back to workplaces on September 7, announced a postponement.

Others Banks like JPMorgan Chase (JPM) and Goldman Sachs (GS) have additionally changed their return-to-the office policies.


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Goldman Sachs took workers back to the workplace in June 2021, while JPMorgan staff members were expected back in the workplace by July.

Other than these banks, several other organizations like Bloomberg and Google are also changing their return to their office plans.

Many companies are intently monitoring the effects of the Delta variant and the reaction, so they can settle their plans to get back to the workplace.

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