Barbados’ Crop Over Festival Is Just As Beautiful As Their Outfits

Crop Over festival is a blissom event, where Masquerade Bands advance toward the Mighty Grynner Highway in Barbados with revelers wearing sequin outfits designed with vivid quills, gems and splendid accents; moving behind music trucks and moving bars.

This exceptional and intriguing occasion, which is coordinated each year, is the biggest finale of the Crop Over Festival and potentially the principle attraction of the yearly celebration for both local people and international guests.

It is Barbados’ biggest Carnival at which a little more than 15,000 revelers march through the roads of St. Michael in the Caribbean country.

The procession of colour and splendor begins at the National Stadium and throbs to the Soca/calypso hits through the roads to the Mighty Grynner Highway.

From 2014 the road was stretched out to envelop the whole length of Black Rock street to where it meets the Mighty Grynner Highway at the Frank Worrell Round-a-session.

The Carnival is the last big show of the Crop Over Festival, and is attended by provincial and international journalists.

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Culturally, the festival or carnival sustains the art-form of masquerading in Barbados, with the key components being costume design and construction.

The next event is planned for August 2022, and is relied upon to draw in tons of people from within Barbados as well as across the world.

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