Barcelona Players Not Happy With This News

Coronavirus is one reason various institutions are confronting financial challenges including top football clubs like Barcelona.

The Spanish football club isn’t in a stable monetary standings, accordingly have chopped down all expenses to address the issues of the club.

Pay cuts have been introduced, and players have been told to set themselves up for additional cost cutting measures.

As per the club’s director of football, Mateu Alemany, everybody at the club should put forth an attempt to keep up its supportability.

The new club president has applied for a 500-million-euro credit from Goldman Sachs, 100 million euros of which will be paid to the club before the end of this month.

The club’s absolute losses for this season are around 300 million euros, bringing their total to about 1.2 billion.


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Players previously endured a monetary shot last season to help the club and have been told to set themselves up to do same.

However, a portion of these players aren’t happy at all, but are being asked to help save the club from the present circumstance.

Another issue the players are annoyed about is the immense amounts of cash paid for players who barely play. Some think it is incredible.

They feel it’s uncalled for that they’re required to pay for botches made by those accountable for the club. All in all, the club is doing everything it can to address the situation, and manage them.

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