Barcelona Presidency: Who Succeeds Maria Bartomeu After Rousaud Pulls Out?

The candidates for the Barcelona presidency

For at some time now, Spanish soccer giants Barcelona’s Presidency seat has been unfilled for a few reasons. After a broad period, the empty position is presently being competed for, as the race is between Joan Laporta, Emili Rousaud, Victor Font and Toni Freixa.

However, in the runup to the elections, on Thursday 14 January, Emili Rousaud shockingly pulled out from the electoral process, leaving the others still in the race. Joan Laporta is by all accounts the top choice to return for a second term as Barcelona president.

The position is empty because of Josep Maria Bartomeu, stepping down from the job in October 2020.

Laporta had 9,625 signatures validated, while there were 4,431 and 2,634 for Font and Freixa respectively in the validation process for an election that will take place on Sunday January 24, 2020.

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In the interim, Jordi Farre, Xavier Vilajoana, Agusti Benedito, Luis Fernandez Ala and Pere Riera had recently been eliminated from the race in the wake of demonstrating incapable to meet the limit of 2,257 signatures.

As per Emili Rousaud who pulled out, he quit in light of the fact that, he no longer needs to be engaged with a “grimy battle” for the position.

On the other hand, Laporta thinks he has the right to be named as the President on the grounds that, apart from being honest, he is the one with the most experience and determination, just as the most validity in his eyes.

Laporta is extremely aggressive he can win the Champions League again with Barca and thinks this will be possible.

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