Barcelona’s Stadia Season’s Ticket Applications Opened For compensation

Since July 20, 2020, all members with season tickets for the Camp Nou or Palau Blaugrana that so want may apply for monetary compensation would have to do so for the games that they have not been able to attend this season because of the games being played away from public scrutiny at the Camp Nou or not played at all in the Palau. This application is opened till August 3, 2020. Members will also be offered the alternative of briefly suspending their season tickets for the next season.

Season ticket holders need to fill in a form accessible in the Members-Online Transactions section of the club’s site, where they should enter their participation key number (without zeros on the left) and code number. Members may choose from the various choices (on the web).

The Club is however offering to memebers with season tickets three alternatives.

1) Compensation in real money a the end of September for the corresponding part of the yearly season ticket fees, which could arrive at 25% if no game is joined in.

There is also the choice of getting the cash through bank transfer with another option being rebate vouchers for products to the estimation of half over that returned (for instance, if it is 100 euros, then the discount voucher will be 150 euros). The vouchers can be utilized in any of the Club’s legitimate shops from 1 October.

2) Receive the proportional discount in the yearly fee for the tickets for next season (2020/2021). If the season ticket holder opts for the Club to apply a discount of the corresponding amount for the games not attended this season for the price of the season ticket for next season, 2020/21, the amount of the discount, plus any balance from the ‘Seient Lliure’ scheme cannot be more than 100% of the cost of the season ticket for next season.

3) Refuse remuneration for the Club, in the light of the excellent circumstance that faces the Club because of the pandemic which has forestalled Barcelona F/C reaching at its spending plan for the season as the budget targets set considering the utilization of the financial objectives have not been met because of the closure of the facilities and matches being played away from public scrutiny.

This will be the default choice for those season tickets holders who don’t complete an engraving form or with whom there is no contact once the cutoff time has been reached.

For the 2020/2021 Season, the tickets Changes in terms and conditions:

1) Firstly, the renewal of season tickets at Camp Nou and Palau Blaugrana has been deferred until the ens of August, when competition is ended, rather than the more regular month of July.

Thusly, the Club will continue to recharge all season tickets, charging the flow expenses and applying the discount comparing the ‘Seient Lliure’ balance from the past season.

The standards and utilization of the period ticket and ‘Seient Lliure’ should adjust to the guidelines and confinements of the accessible limit just as the necessities of the wellbeing specialists.

In that capacity, the Club will deliver and send a physical season pass to the members yet this plastic card can’t be totally used until 100% of the limit of the arena is accessible.

2) Possibility of a brief suspension: because of the current circumstance, it implies that season ticket holders will be unable to go to all the matches secured by their ticket if limits are kept up in this social and monetarily exemption general health circumstance, it is critical to regard the choice of members with respect to their season ticket. Thus, the Club is giving season ticket holder the alternative of suspending their ticket incidentally.

Along these lines, those members who don’t need, or can’t pay for the season ticket for next season can demand this ‘temporary suspension’ which will permit them the option to keep up their seat and rebate by means of ‘Seient Lliure’ for the next season, 2021/2022.

The suspension can be mentioned by means of an engraving form and at no cost, surrendering the utilization of the seat to the Club for the whole season. Those members will defer payments of their season ticket until the next season with the ‘Seient Lliure’ discount from the 2019/20 season applied to the expense for 2021/22.

3) Return of the cost of games not attended: for each game that couldn’t be attended because of limit impediments, the Club will return the relating sum which will frame a last discount sum towards the end of the period.

Meanwhile, the Management has constrained limit. While the Club can’t have 100% of Camp Nou or Palau Blaugrana’s capacity accessible. And should the authorities permit a set number of fans into the arena for games, the accompanying conditions will apply:

1) Priority given to season ticket holders: 85% of capacity permitted will be for them and the staying 15% available to be purchased to members including the overall population.

2) Pre-application: to guarantee a seat, the season ticket holders should fill in a form on the Club’s site which will make a rundown of candidate on a game by game premise.

3) Draw if request surpasses supply: on account of interest surpassing accessibility, a draw will be made utilizing the model applied in the assignment of tickets for Champions League, Copa del Rey finals and so forth, utilizing the experience earned by the Club lately.

4) Special access conditions: to get to the scenes, it will be important to satisfy the conditions and follow the guidelines and cutoff points set by the health specialists. In that capacity, the season ticket holders won’t have the option to keep up their typical seat.

The dissemination of seats will be as close as conceivable to the area or value zone of the period ticket holder and that the season must be utilized, with going to a third party possible but ‘Seient Lliure’ won’t be accessible. The Club will put forth a valiant effort to amass demands and seat distribution to support families.

Access won’t be with the typical season ticket card yet by explicit electronic ticket for each game, doled out to the zone to which the season ticket compares.

At the point when full capacity is accessible once more, the season ticket holders will have the option to utilize the season ticket card and their standard seat.

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