Be Happy And Smell Sweet: Jon Germain Unveils New Perfumes

Jon Germain is an epitome of showbiz or entertainment, and as the years go by, he grows alongside them.

The media head honcho has unveiled a new fragrance in his name called EL Supremo. Jon Germain has seen it all in showbiz including his music being featured in Hollywood films, radio and TV moderation on famous and well-established media platforms and more.

Jon is a performer, a broadcaster, a fashionista and numerous others that make him a fantastic media expert. Every one of these have now been placed in one bottle. Jon Germain’s two brands: EL Supremo and Intense Perfumes had been announced weeks ago, that it was practically ready for all.

At last, Jon Germain’s Perfumes with Mac Bancy is out, but will officially be in stores from September 2023. Jon has been in the media and entertainment space for nearly thirty years, and has been one of the successful celebrities in Africa.

The outstanding radio and television star, has acquired a ton of experience throughout the long term, hosting major live shows and interviewing top characters across the globe.

What Makes Jon Germain One Of The Most Mind-blowing Presenters In The World?

Jon Germain, who is famously referred to as “Supremo,” has previously conducted interviews with America’s Rev. Jesse Jackson, Nana Akufo Addo (the current President of Ghana), Bennie Man, Buju Banton, Frank Bruno, a world heavyweight boxer, Reggie Rockstone, Kwasi Kyei Darkwa, Abedi Ayew Pele, Coldplay, and numerous other top global icons.

Jon is considered as potentially, one of the best presenters or generally, media consultants in the world. Other than his characteristics, he is known for his sense of fashion, and so outdooring this new EL Supremo Intense Perfume with Mac Bancy is an addition to his brand.

Jon Germain is a fashionista who always looks good both inside and outside the studios.

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