Beatrice Agyemang Is ‘The Woman Of The Year’ At This Year’s EMY Africa Awards

Beatrice Agyemang

The Group CEO of the Media General limited, Madam Beatrice Agyemang was adjudged ‘Woman Of The Year’ at the recent prestigious EMY Africa Awards event, held at the Accra International Conference Center.

The EMY Africa Awards, known for commending leaders and recognized respectable men having an impact in the public eye, also leaves space to recognise a distinguished female achiever for the ‘Woman Of The Year’ Award – the only category reserved for women.

The ‘Woman of the Year’ Award, recognizes an impactful woman of excellence and innovation who has inspired many, broken new grounds or old boundaries, and added to her community and country.

EMY Africa Awards’ spin was on Beatrice Agyemang this year for the honor having climbed through the ranks from her journey as a reporter, to her current position as Group CEO of one of the largest and leading Media Organisations in Ghana, which is worth celebrating.

“You are a well-respected woman in media who has developed and is building your organisation into one of the most successful media organisations in Ghana today,” Executive Director of EMY Africa, Daniel Kojo Soboh stated.

Beatrice Agyemang’s journey in the media space has been set apart by commendable administration, vital vision, and an unflinching obligation to greatness. Under her direction, Media General has prospered and extended its impression in the media and entertainment space, reaching at new levels regarding content creation, broadcasting, and digital media.

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Throughout her tenure as Group CEO, Madam Agyemang has overseen the successful execution of numerous initiatives that have solidified Media General’s position as a leading media conglomerate. Her dedication to quality programming, innovation, and community engagement has set a standard for the entire industry.

Beatrice Agyemang offered her thanks to organizers of the EMY Africa Awards for this acknowledgment and stressed the significance of growth, learning and resilience in building a career;

“I am deeply honored and humbled to receive the EMY Africa Award. I want to take this moment to emphasize the profound significance of owning your journey. Rising through the ranks in work is not just a climb; it’s a journey of growth, learning, and resilience. Each step up the ladder is a testament to your dedication and ability to overcome challenges. Embracing the ascent is where you find your true potential.”

“The recognition inspires me to continue pushing boundaries, empowering other and working tirelessly to make a positive impact on our world. With great honor comes great responsibility and I pledge to use this platform to further the causes that matter most.”

She also recognized the devoted Media General group whose hard work and creativity have been instrumental in accomplishing the organization’s achievements.

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