Becca Is Back Brimming With A New ‘Face’ & Great Melodies

Becca announced her transient retirement from music four years ago to manage her property building business and some personal activities.

Before her retirement, Rebecca Acheampong who is conspicuously alluded to in showbiz as Becca was doing quite well in music, thus her break was somewhat of a shock to many people particularly her fans.

It was a difficult decision for the award winning singer, yet she had no choice. In a recent radio interview with Hitz FM, Becca made the official announcement of her comeback after 16 years in the business. As per her, she currently has an album which is set to released soon.

In the interview, she further revealed that she has endless number of songs which will be out soon, and to declare her rebound. Truth be told, she has a few forthcoming tunes with the mind blowing highlife singer Kwabena Kwabena and a few other fine artists.

This Is How Awesome Kwabena Kwabena Is!

Becca has won a lot of awards for herself and has gone through all the ins and outs of performing in the music industry as a recording artist. The vocalist has not bewildered by any stretch of the imagination as she has amazing albums to her credit.

As one of the most talked about female performers in Ghana as of late, she has never allowed that to get to her, however has stood up on the back of all the considerable number of criticisms to bounce back.

Following quite a while of short lived retirement, Becca has returned to add more to her ‘basket’ overflowing with incredible songs.


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