Becca Campaign Against COVID-19 With A New Release: ‘Overcome’


Songstress Becca has never hoodwinked most definitely. In this time of coronavirus, several music artists around the world are doing their part by releasing campaign tunes to help in the awareness of the pandemic.

Becca is no exemption, as the songstress has released a new single “Overcome”. The tune talks about the pandemic, how the health care front line workers, the security service, other establishments and even the ordinary people are on the whole, contributing their part to wipe away the deadly pandemic, coronavirus.

In the melody, she lauded the medical health services all around the globe who are doing their bit to help battle the sickness. Becca is one of Africa’s best vocalist with many honors.

She has several awards and Nominations including 4syte TV Awards, E.TV Most Influential characters, Ghana Music Awards and some more.

The Afropop, R&B and Highlife artist who is additionally an actress, has three studio albums:

Sugar (2007)

Time 4 Me (2013)

Unveiling (2017)

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