Bernice Asare: An Excellent Actor Surpassing All!

The characteristics of being an actor is a ton of things consolidated; and for Bernice Asare to fall in that ‘bushel’ signifies she has every one of the capacities to be one of the best actors. Her level of excellence has been phenomenal ever since Bernice Asare began her acting career.

Over the course of her career, she has amassed a wealth of experience fulfilling each role’s requirements. Being impulsive can be great for an actor, but it is not a desirable quality for all actors.

However, with naturality and concentration, Bernice has it all. Bernice has featured in heaps of Ghanaian films including ‘Area Boys’ (2011), and ‘The List’ (2017) ‘Baby Mama’ (2019), ‘Mirror Girl’ and so on, with some recent ones being ”One Bad Day’, and ‘Downfall’.

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As a sought-after entertainer, Bernice Asare has been featured in many other roles in the movie world. Her career as an actor has been all around shaped so much that, she can fit in any role given her.

Regardless of how challenging it very well may be, Bernice invests more energies to get into that role to ensure she performs to her ultimate best, justifying the reason why she is one of Ghana’s fine actors.

The camera is Bernice Asare and She is the Camera. All she needs to hear is: ‘Action’!. She quickly remembers her scenes and plays every vital moment on set. Bernice Asare is for sure, a screen actor with fantastic characteristics, particularly with her fascinating regular qualities added to the contents!


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