Besides Love Stories, Hi-Life Music Is About Life Lessons

Ghana’s Hi-Life Music Legends

Obviously, there’s little or no doubt that music is food for the soul. Taking note of your favorite song at a specific time, reckoning on your mood can justify why there is a saying that, music is food for the soul. One of the genre of music that tells the story of Life Lessons is Ghana’s Hi-Life music.

This type of music is incredibly deep and spills out each detail of Life (the good, bad and ugly), and even talks about how beautiful love is. Hi-Life music- which originated in Ghana within the early twentieth century, reminds everyone of the best way to live your life, a way to beware of friends, a way to foresee life and also the implications of being wicked to others and lots more.

Besides the above, Hi-Life talks about how life could be a struggle (war), and the tendency to have to be compelled to see it as that. Enjoying Hi-Life music can make your day a good one due to the realities of lyrics in the songs, which talks about Life and Love. At a point in everyone’s life, we have a tendency to get depressed and are subdued because of circumstances beyond us.

When such state of affairs happens, you naturally will look for solace. Apart from anything else, Hi-Life music is one amongst the genres that may assist you overcome such issues. In fact, Hi-Life takes you through the systematic journey of life and can somewhat give you hope. Lyrics within the music which are usually in a native language, Asante Twi is incredibly proverbial, ennobling and at same time very profound.

Hi-Life is recognized as one of the finest music genres on the African continent and beyond looks to have attracted other countries, therefore, majority of them have additionally imitated the stylistic category and have recreated it to suit an equivalent genre. The genre has been recognized by performers around the world. They believe most of the newly introduced genre of music drew inspiration or was derived from Ghana’s Hi-Life.

Highlife Legend Oheneba Kissi Still Maintains His Status As One Of The Best

Life is choked with surprises, ups, downs and so many strange developments, but after you listen to a number of these songs, they guard you through that journey. Hi-Life music is usually expressed in lovely tales that encapsulates what Life is all about. As long as we live, we have the disposition of facing the realities. Hi-Life started off as Palm Wine Music and bit by bit grew into a bigger stringed instrument cluster and even appeared in common theater shows.

Many people are captivated with Hi-Life because it tells a story about our existence and love lives. Of course, the role of melodic and chantlike structures of ancient music of Asante music can not be omitted but the abovementioned could be a major issue why many of us are most hooked up to the Hi-Life genre. For the reasons given, it was quickly adopted by the bulk of different music families in the 1950s.

Hi-Life is truly a mix not solely from the stringed instrument and concertina, but also from the drum (boxdrum and music video) and fine vocal talents. So you can imagine how pleasing the music is to the ears as it options jazz horns and several other guitars that lead the song with an excellent life history. At a point, when listening to four selected refined Hi-Life songs from one amongst legends of the genre, the late Thomas Frimpong, I nearly bust down.

One of the songs was telling a story of how difficult it is as a man to go through life and achieve success. The title of the song: ‘Obra Y3 Oko’ which means ‘Life Is War’ is well composed and organized with an excellent story and a solid instrumentation backing it. When you take time off to enjoy a number of these songs, they ginger you to work harder to achieve success and also teach you how to face challenges.

Hi-Life music should never be underestimated. It comes with very profound and fascinating storylines. Indeed, Hi-Life will never ever ‘die’.

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