Bianca Censori’s Dad Seems Not To Be Happy With Kanye West Over Daughter’s Looks

Bianca Censori has on several occasions, walked around turning people’s attention towards her

Bianca Censori’s Father, Leo Censori, says he is troubled the manner in which rapper Kanye West is going around with her daughter in salacious looks. Censori’s father would think about it if Kanye West himself would permit something very similar for his daughters.

Bianca Censori has been standing out as truly newsworthy since she wedded Kanye West. In addition, Censori’s fashion choice is very problematic, as she goes from partially to practically naked more often than not.

The Australian model was recently seen in a couple of transparent stockings that revealed her genitals to people in general when she went to Paris Fashion Week. Not once, but on several occasions, Censori walked around, turning people’s attention towards her. Ye West, as well, has posted pictures online of her better half’s almost-naked body.

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Nonetheless, Bianca Censori’s dad appears not to be happy by any stretch of the imagination, as he wants to sit and have a discussion with the ‘Gold Digger’ rapper over strutting her daughter around in that looks.

According to a close source to Bianca’s father, he wants to inquire as to whether Kanye’s daughters, North or Chicago, were found in open half-exposed in outfits empowered by their spouses.

He knows that it is absolutely impossible that in damnation that Kanye would permit this for his daughters, so it has neither rhyme nor reason why he would allow this for his own better half.

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