Black Entertainment Television Is 40 This Year!!

As the name suggests, Black Entertainment TV is intentionally for blacks in the entertainment outlets around the globe. Officially propelled in January 1980 as the brainchild of a previous lobbyist of the satellite media business, Bob Johnson, BET has tremendously added to the development of entertainment all through the black race.

The outfit has given their huge stage to black people to grandstand their ability in the music, entertainment (parody, painting, entertainers, awards including Gospel etc..), politics and more to the world. BET began on a modest note and has bit by bit developed to turn into a main network – with content in music videos, awards shows, and social discussions.

This years marks forty (40) years since BET’s beginning, along these lines has advanced palns to commend this magnificent accomplishment. Most importantly, you could review that in 2004, one of the best stand-up entertainers captured everyone’s attention with a glimmering execution with Beyonce on BET stage.

Mo’Nique’s opening show was simply free as a bird and flaunted her facilitating aptitudes for a bigger scope when she was tapped to host the BET Awards. With this extraordinary exhibition, Mo’Nique was charged to host, again in 2005. The presentation was stayed quiet about as Mo’Nique and her experience artists practiced the opening for over a month ahead of time of the show. It turned into the most discussed snapshot of the show that year and went down as probably the best crossroads in BET history. She returned in 2007 with another Beyoncé tribute.

BET has reliably been consistently to a great deal of support to a lot of talents in the black ‘world’ as they have indicated enthusiasm for such a large number of contents which in actuality other networks were not all that intrigued for reasons most popular to them. BET have helped in broadcasting incredible contents on their network and have organized other popular shows including awards and some more.

One of the most watched program ‘The Game’ was showing on an alternate network however after at some point, it went off. Luckily, BET resuscitated it because of the interest for it. ‘The Game’ was on CW but was dropped for reasons that, the content featured too much black cast. BET had to save it from ‘dying’ by taking it back to the audience in 2011. The show was televised for an extra six seasons on BET and went from a half-hour comedy to an hour dramedy.

All these referenced unmistakably portrays why BET has the right to celebrate it’s 40th commemoration. They have made considerable progress to be fruitful in all circles of the black entertainment around the globe.

Congrats to BET on their 40th Anniversary and the help given to entertainers. More greese to their elbows.

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