Black Stars Of Ghana Only Need Focus And Determination

Ghana beat their opponent Nigeria to qualify to this year’s FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar. Before the big game in Ghana and Nigeria separately, many fans lacked an abundance of confidence in Ghana’s team to qualify. Particularly, when Otto Addo came in as a new coach.

There were questions about whether Otto Addo could make it to the World Cup, but he disproved pundits and qualified the Black Stars of Ghana to Qatar.

The team has since played about few games including international pre-world cup friendly matches against Brazil, Japan and Nicaragua. Switzerland appears to be the last game for the Stars to play prior to leaving to Qatar for the competition.

These friendlies have assisted the coach Otto Addo, concerning how he will make his final choice for the main competition. Ghana has been able to gather all their best players from across the world to come help make an impact at the biggest football event on the planet in Qatar.

In spite of losing to Brazil and Japan in the last friendlies, many sports pundits still have such a lot of confidence in the Black Stars team, checking out at the individual brilliance of the players on the field of play.

That said, the only thing left for Otto Addo to accomplish is perhaps to concentrate on the teamwork, goal scoring abilities and some few other things for the team to be a sturdy or a power to reckon with at the competition.

“We Are Proud To Make It To This Year’s World Cup”

Otto Addo has recently said on Twitter that, in view of what he has seen so far, Ghana can beat any team in the world. He is profoundly hopeful his side can make an immense impact in Qatar. The team only need concentration, determination and aggression for success. There’s nothing more to it.

Ghana first qualified to the World Cup in 2006, and announced their presence to the world with a great show-piece. In 2010 on the African soil (South Africa), the Black Stars were extraordinary, as they were the only African team to stay in the competition, and represented Africa at the quarter finals.

However, in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the team’s performance was wretched due to several reasons. In Russia 2018, the Black Stars failed to qualify.

Ghana will now be in Qatar as one of Africa’s representatives. Although tipped as one of the low positioned teams in the competition, the Black Stars can pull up a surprise, based on their preparation, player selection and determination.

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