BMW Registers Its Best-ever Result In The Company’s 50-year History

BMW Is The Best Brand In Global Premium Segment For 2023

With a total of 2,253,835 vehicles delivered to customers worldwide in 2023, the BMW brand posted growth of +7.3% from the previous year, with sales reaching a new all-time high. The BMW brand was once again able to defend its leading position in the global premium segment last year.

Particularly, the brand’s fully electric vehicles were in high demand, with 330,596 units delivered to customers in 2023 (up 92.2 percent). Final quarter delivery of completely electric BMW vehicles reached at 113,458 units (+55.4%).

Models in the upper price segment, such as the BMW 7 Series and the BMW X7, also benefited from strong demand in 2023. Fully-electric models, including the BMW iX1 and the BMW i4, in particular, were among the main sales drivers. Last year, the BMW X1, BMW 3 Series and the BMW X3 remained especially popular with customers.

With the launch of the fully-electric BMW i5 last year, the BMW Group now has a fully-electric option in each of its main segments. The fully-electric BMW iX2 has also been added to the line-up. Later this year, the first fully-electric touring model will make its debut as part of the BMW 5 model series.

With a total of 202,530 performance and high-performance cars sold in 2023, BMW M GmbH posted its best-ever result in the company’s more than 50-year history – an increase of +14.3% compared to the previous year.

In addition to the successful market launch of the M2, XM and M3 Touring high-performance models, the BMW i4 M50 fully-electric performance model also deserves particular mention.

The Strong And Eye-catching BMW iDrive

Just like the previous year, the BMW i4 M50 was the best-selling BMW M car and is a prime example of the systematic transformation of the brand towards electromobility. The range of battery-electric vehicles in the executive and luxury car segment was rounded out by the BMW i5 M60 and the BMW i7 M70.

The MINI brand sold a total of 295,474 vehicles (+0.9%) last year, with sales of fully-electric MINI models up 3.5% to 45,261 units. The fully-electric MINI Cooper SE released in 2020 remains the best-selling MINI model variant.

The fully-electric MINI Cooper SE Convertible was introduced onto the market last year. The limited edition of 999 units sold out in most markets within a few weeks of the announcement. Fully-electric vehicles now make up 15.3% of total MINI sales for the full year 2023.

The new MINI family will be released onto the market over the course of 2024. The fully-electric MINI Cooper SE and MINI Cooper E will be joined by two further fully-electric models, the MINI Countryman SE and the MINI Countryman E.

Both the MINI Cooper and the MINI Countryman will also be available with an internal combustion engine. The yet-to-be-unveiled new MINI Aceman, a compact five-seater crossover, will be a pure-electric model as well.

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