BMW Releases A Film Starring The New BMW i7 M70

BMW i7 M70

BMW Films presents ‘The Calm‘: Pom Klementieff, a mysterious passenger, must fight her way through a web of obstacles to avoid jeopardizing her mission – until she ends up at the Hotel Martinez in Cannes and meets Uma Thurman. This short film is packed with action, unexpected turns, and… silence.

This film was made purely for entertainment purposes. Some vehicle features shown (e.g. in driverless scenes) were simulated and are not available for sale. The film was produced on closed roads with professional drivers.

The film which sounds like a blockbuster is an electrifying chase with well-known Hollywood giants and starring the new BMW i7 M70.

The film, which sounds like a big hit, is a thrilling chase featuring the brand-new BMW i7 M70 and famous Hollywood stars.

The film is an exciting short film showing at the Cannes International Film Festival on the BMW Theatre Screen. The movie frequently combines electromobility, performance, and opulence. Despite playing a supporting role as a luxury lounge on wheels, the vehicle ultimately becomes the plot’s linchpin due to its energetic driving characteristics.

Samuel Hargrave, who previously directed “Extraction,” and Joseph Kosinski, who previously produced “Top Gun: Maverick”), BMW has a long history in the film industry.

‘The Calm’ is additionally a reverence to “The Hire” film series from BMW. A sum of ten of these movies were shot in two seasons in 2001 and 2002, a heritage that went on with the 2016 short film “The Escape.” Both in front of and behind the camera, Hollywood greats were featured in each of these films.

The Strong And Eye-catching BMW iDrive

In addition to Pom Klementieff, Uma Thurman, and Nate Perry, the BMW i7 M70, the first luxury electric car with an M engine, plays a significant role. The acoustics also play a big role.

The idea of calm was an entrancing one for director Sam Hargrave, as he makes sense of the film. In most regular films, he said, the plot is very much integrated with the sound design.

“So how do you tell a thrilling story without turning away from sound design, but instead incorporating silence into sound design,” the director wondered.

Because sometimes, he says, the absence of sound is more effective than an expansive score or a big sound effect.

In this making-of feature, we give an insight into the filming, taking a look behind the scenes and the spectacular stunts. You can best experience how the electrifying chase in THE CALM ends up sounding in the video.

Meanwhile, the German Bavarian Motor Works manufacturer unveiled one of its sought-after vehicles: BMW i7 M70. Its energy power consumption in kWh/100 km (combined) is: 23.8-20.8 (WLTP); and the CO2 emissions in g/km (combined) is 0 g. The Electric range in km is: 488-560 (WLTP).

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