Boeing 737: One Of The World’s Most Beautiful Aircrafts Transformed Into A Villa

The Boeing 737 plane was always in the air, flying from one place to another. Now, it is a tourist attraction. The aircraft has been turned into a villa.

On the Indonesian island of Bali, this luxury villa that was once a private jet is now on a clifftop near Nyang-Nyang beach. One of the most stunning aircraft transformations to date is the Boeing 737.

The retired Boeing 737, which formerly belonged to the fleet of now-defunct Mandala Airlines, was acquired by developer Felix Demin in 2021 and relocated to its remote location.

A number of renderings of the one-of-a-kind property, which will be available for rent beginning in April 2023, have been made available by Demin.

The Private Jet Villa by Hanging Gardens, 150 meters above sea level, has two bedrooms and a swimming pool. It can be rented starting in April for about $7,000 per night.

Demin, who also owns the Bubble Hotel Bali hotel chain, says that at first he thought about buying a private plane for his own use, but he quickly realized that the plane could be made into something truly special.

Denim says that even before he bought the Boeing 737 plane, he thought it could be turned into something special, so he decided to focus on building a villa.

During his search, he said, he found about 20 similar planes scattered throughout Indonesia. However, he ultimately settled on the Boeing 737 that an Indonesian investor had purchased and agreed to have it.

However, it was not an easy task to transport the aircraft from its location in Bali to a clifftop several miles away. After consulting with the Boeing team, they were forced to disassemble the aircraft by loosening about 50,000 bolts.

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Demin, who has lived in Bali for approximately eight years, claims that the entire process took approximately two months to plan. However, the actual transportation, which required the use of two cranes, a large platform, a number of specialists, and a police escort, took a total of five days.

He said,

“It was the most sleepless five days of my life,” he says, adding that much of the operation took place at night. The fact is that Bali has very narrow roads and a lot of wires that hang quite low. We had a group of people who used special equipment to raise the wires higher so that the plane would not touch them during transportation” he said.

He was able to remove a lot of the interior once the plane was reassembled at the site on Bali’s southernmost coast to finish the lengthy renovation. According to Demin, he put in a lot of effort to make sure the interior matched his original vision.

What Is Inside?

There is a staircase that leads up the wing to the main entrance of the villa. There are two bedrooms with walk-in closets and a living room with a bar, sofa bed, and a glass portal inside.

Additional portholes have been added so that those inside can see “overboard,” and the cockpit has been transformed into a large bathroom. A fire pit, an outdoor lounge area, and sun loungers are also on the property.

Demin adds, “Everything was done solely for the purpose of getting exactly the picture that was originally planned.”

Since its initial unveiling, the one-of-a-kind project has attracted a lot of attention on social media, which has resulted in a few unusual incidents on the ground.

Demin begins by relating how a paraglider once jumped from the plane’s wing. “One day I came and saw a broken fence and 150 people sitting on our plane,” he said.

Even though Demin emphasizes that the aircraft has been subjected to a number of safety checks, the aircraft’s precarious location and the numerous images of influencers walking along the wing or with their legs hanging out of the door have certainly raised questions.

Demin explains that the rock has had a barrier put up for safety reasons. However, he claims that it has been difficult to recruit someone to install a glass barrier on a wing that is perched above a cliff.

He states, acknowledging that “everyone is afraid to do it,” that “the major issue is the glass barrier along the contour of the wing itself and along the contour of the rock.”

There are some issues with this, especially with the wing. However, as soon as we locate someone brave enough to implement it, we will do so anyway.

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Demin is extremely excited to finally welcome guests to the private jet villa, which is scheduled to open in April after years of meticulous project work.

It comes just a year after a retired British Airways plane was brought back to life as a one-of-a-kind event space that can be rented out at the UK’s privately owned Cotswold Airport.

Meanwhile, in 2009, the Jumbo Stay Hotel, a hostel/hotel converted from a former Boeing 747, opened near Stockholm, Sweden’s Arlanda Airport.

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