Boy II Men’s South Africa Concert Postponed

Boyz II Men

‘End of the Road’ in 1991 was the hit track from Boys II Men back in the days and they had many distinctions during that time.

In as much as they are still artists, they will even now perform to engage the crowd until they enthusiastically retire from music. The R&B geniuses are charged to act in SA in March, one year from now.

The show was booked for April this year but had to be dropped because of the worldwide Corona Virus flare-up.

However, the show is planned to fall off in Cape Town on the 12th of March 2021 at the Grand Arena, Grand West.

As per coordinators of the show, all tickets purchased preceding the show will automatically be legitimate for the new dates.

On the other hand, full refunds are accessible on the online platform of the organizers until the end of April for people who won’t have the option to join in again.

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