Brad Pitt Names His Handsome Men In The World

George Clooney || Brad Pitt || Paul Newman

Brad Pitt uncovered his two flawless picks when it came to choosing the most attractive or handsome men in the world, at different times.

Being one of the impeccable looking men himself, the multiple award winning actor decided to pick his #1, as far as the most handsome men on the planet is concerned.

During his recent interview with Vogue, the Oscar winner, said Hollywood legend and Oscar-winning actir Paul Newman is the most attractive man on the planet as his past pick.

“You know in the acting world because that’s my day job… the immediate go-to is Paul Newman. Because he aged so gracefully and by all reports really special, giving, warm and truthful human being.”

With respect to the present age, Pitt had his peculiar shoes on as he chose his dearest companion cum-everlasting rival George Clooney.

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“If I was gonna name someone present, well I gotta name that George Clooney f****r because why not?”

Making sense of why he picked his Oscar-winning Best Friend Forever (BFF), Brad Pitt joked,

“Because usually, I’m always taking him out and he’s always taking me out. And this time, I’m gonna go the other way, just this once. George, that one’s for you!”

Meanwhile, on the work front, Brad Pitt will next be seen featuring alongside Margot Robbie, Diego Calva, Tobey Maguire and more in Damien Chazelle’s “Babylon“. The profoundly anticipated amazing period comedy show releases in the US on Christmas Day, December 25.

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