Brad Pitt’s New Bungalow Is The Most Expensive In The Area

Brad Pitt is set to release his upcoming film ‘Bullet Train’

Multiple oscar winner Brad Pitt has purchased a new house in Carmel for USD 40 million. Meanwhile, the actor who is set to release his impending film ‘Bullet Train’ which is creeping nearer to the release date (August 5), has invested his interests into the DL James historic house.

Pitt is very known for his architectural love, therefore this is no news to many, as he has also named the bungalow after the writer who commissioned its design in 1918.

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The 58-year-old actor bought the property in what is known as the big name sanctuary in Carmel, Monterey County, California. The property cost him USD 40 million, making the deal the most expensive in the vicinity.

Numerous well known celebs live in the space including Doris Day, the late Betty White, Joan Fontain and some more. Apart from real estate, Brad also has interests in production and business.

As of late, the notable actor lost his inwardly charged fight in court against his ex, Angelina Jolie, over their jointly owner Château Miraval winery.

The couple took charge of the renowned rosé company in 2008 and after their recent split which ended on a sour note, Jolie decided to sell her part of the shares which aggravated Pitt.

Jolie went ahead and sold her stakes to Stoli, the liquor giant which led to a string of lawsuits in the US, France and Luxembourg between Brangelina.

Be that as it may, on July 22, a LA judge favored Jolie regarding this position and she ended up winning the suit. The winery is additionally a particularly significant area for the ex-couple as they held their wedding service at the winery in 2014.

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