Breaking The World Record Was Nearly Hindered By Afua Asantewaa..

Afua Asantewaa aduonum in the middle

As indicated by the medical team who were hectically ensured Afua Asantewaa would finish the Guinness World Record singing long distance marathon successfully, the Ghanaian almost quit proceeding with the attempt. The team said, they convinced her not to surrender until the end.

During the second day of Afua’s singing marathon, she got to a point where she felt very exhausted and expressed her intention to end the journey due to fatigue.

However, as part of their obligation, the medical team interceded and persuaded her to proceed with the singing long distance race.
In a recent interview on Joy FM, Dr. Grace Buckman, a member of Afua Asantewaa’s clinical team, shared bits of information into how they persuaded her to continue on when she was very nearly surrendering.

“One of our most challenging days as the medical team was on day 2. In the late morning or early afternoon, Afua Asantewaa suddenly stopped everything and left the space, declaring that she would not continue. In fact, on the second day, it seemed like everything was coming to an end”.

“At that moment, the psychologist was not present, so we had to call him on the phone to speak with her. Despite the absence of the psychologist, the team remained cohesive and knew what to say. After a brief conversation, she stood up and declared, ‘I am a champion; let’s go and do this.’ That’s what transpired,” Dr. Buckman revealed during the interview.

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