Bulgarian Couple Arrested For Involving In New Babies Deal

Two Bulgarian nationals were on Monday May 3, arrested in Germany on suspicion of trading newborn babies. The two individuals, (58 year-old man and his wife, 51, were captured in Neunkirchen, in the territory of Saarland.

They have been charged for being part of a criminal association which trades in the sale of newborn babies. As indicated by the police, both have been in custody.

The case started in Bulgaria, where officials had given an European Arrest Warrant for the couple. The two are thought to have brought at any rate, eight heavily pregnant women from Bulgaria to neighbouring Greece.


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Interestingly, when the babies were born in Greece, the two suspects supposedly gave the babies to different individuals from their group of thugs for resale, the police said. The mothers were then paid out for the deal.

After a broad investigations, Saarland police officials took in the couple while the two were driving a vehicle. The two have showed up at the Saarbruecken District court and are currently being held in two restorative offices, in Saarbruecken and Zweibruecken respectively.

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