Businessman Daniel McKorley To Buy Nottingham Forest. This Is Why

Dr Daniel McKorley

Ghanaian businessman, Dr Daniel McKorley, has expressed interest in purchasing Premier League club, Nottingham Forest.

The CEO of the McDan Group of Companies expressed this on Monday October 9 at The Joy Sports and Joy Business Thought Leadership seminar at the Labadi Beach Hotel.

According to the 52-year-old investor, Nottingham Forest is the only club he supports apart from Ghana Premier League club, Great Olympics.

“The only team I support in the world apart from Oly [Great Olympics] is Nottingham Forest,” Daniel McKorley said.

“I have been a supporter of Nottingham Forest when Nottingham was even in the third division. Why? Because I want to buy that team. I want to buy Nottingham Forest imagine with all this development going on.”

Dr Daniel McKorley said he hopes the interest in the local football system will yield results to the degree that the greater part of the team will be comprised of Ghanaians playing in the English Premier League side when he eventually purchases it.

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“McDan buys Nottingham Forest and every time you see about 60% of the players [in the team] from the English league are from Ghana.”

The Joy Sports and Joy Business Thought Leadership seminar was themed “Football Economy: Repurposing our approach to development, the Saudi Arabian experience”, bringing together experts to discuss how Ghana can leverage the Saudi Arabia example in developing its football industry.


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