Butuase Waterfalls: A Beautiful Flow Of Mist From An ‘Open Freezer’

Ghana’s tourism industry has been very active up to this point, with a lot of international tourists flocking to the country to enjoy the stunning tourist attractions. In point of fact, Ghana has a lot of beautiful and eye-opening places, one of which is the Butuase Waterfall.

This 60 feet beautiful waterfalls can be found in Kwahu Tafo in the eastern part of Ghana. It is a beautiful flow of drains that also form another small stream at the location by cutting through the roots of huge trees.

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It was a completely different experience for those who had already been to this chilly and exciting location, especially during the rainy season, when the water falls into a series of splashing pools. The beautiful droplets of Butuase Waterfalls always show their “face” to visitors who regularly pay a visit. Intereatingly, these people have admitted that it brings about some kind of inner happiness.

In fact, people come here to play, relax, and celebrate national holidays with picnics and jam sessions. Under a natural cavern that is unlike anything else, the stream disappears.

It is breathtaking to stand beneath the waterfall because of how it gracefully splashes on the ground and spreads out, making the area cool and soothing. Additionally, a lot of people congregate here during events for both entertainment and a refreshing dip in the powerful waterfall.

This tour site’s natural surroundings are breathtaking, and you can unwind at a rock-cut rest area to unwind and refuel on your own or with friends.


Kwahu Tafo, in Ghana’s Eastern Region, is on the Kotoso road. The Butuase Waterfalls is just two and a half hours’ drive from Accra.

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