Celebrating Abraham Ohene Djan – A Unique Video Director

Abraham Ohene Djan

For entertainment lovers particularly people who are music devotees will clearly vouch to the fact that, Abraham Ohene Djan has been extremely instrumental in Ghana’s music industry since 1993. OM as he is tenderly called in the showbiz space, was the founder and CEO of Ohenemedia, a studio that took care of the best of melodies and videos at that point. With OM, it’s consistently an enjoyment looking at everything from music videos to life away from the cameras.

OM has created the best of music videos of top music acts since 1993. At age 19, he started filling in as a music video executive, and acknowledged a proposal to head out to Accra from his base in the UK to help set up a broadcasting equipment for the owner of Metro TV then MediaNo 1, Mr. Talal Fatal.

After this visit, he came back to Ghana in 1996 with only hundred pounds and a PC to begin an organization. The sum total of what he had was a feeling of experience and assurance to prevail as an incredible video executive.

At the point when he came down to Ghana, he originally did three music videos with Reggie Rockstone, the Hiplife originator being the first musician to have had his video shot by Ohene Djan. The video ‘Choo-bu-eh’ resembled the start of well known hiplife music in Ghana.

From this time onwards, Ohenemedia was engaged with the production of SMASH TV, a famous entertainment show on Metro TV which was hosted by a few TV personalities like BB Menson, Van Vicker, Jon Germaine, Dede Mante, Eddy Blay and a couple of others. He additionally did other glorious TV advertisements.

He shot the first ATM (Money Link) advert for Standchart and the Goldstar advert highlighting the one time former Ghanaian WBA welterweight champion Ike Quartey. Ohene Djan additionally worked for the Pan African Festival venture (PANAFEST) on task to cover Stevie Wonder’s visit to Ghana.

These incredible accomplishments saw OM shaping his own sight and sound organization SI-FEX, which later became OM Studios. When hiplife and hiphop surfaced in Ghana in the late ’90s, OM and a couple of colleagues of his, began creating music and other entertainment programs, including ‘Close Up’ on TV3. The thought was to help promote hiplife music and furthermore give hiplife artistes some massive exposure.

OM created the videos of two of Ghana’s top hiplife stars, Obrafuo and Tic-Tac. After these videos, bunches of individuals saw the abilities of his video coordinating aptitudes, which extraordinarily changed the business.

“My Passion And Love For Filmmaking Is Unimaginable”- Yvonne Nelson

As an alum of Creative Media from a UK college, Ohene Djan gloats of somebody who knows a great deal about television broadcast equipment, both digital and analogue. He has effectively cut a specialty for himself for this number of years. He knows what a quality music video is, and can identify which of them can eventually win an award.

Ohene Djan made simple yet quality videos that was internationally recognized. For somebody who has been working in the various media industry, he has made progress without a doubt by way of proficient calendars.

Ohene Djan who carries on with a simple way of life was born in Kumasi to Dr. Ignatius Ohene Djan, a legal counselor, from Brong Ahafo Region, in Ghana, and Madam Florence Appiah, a Teacher. He spent the early long periods of his life in Kumasi, and albeit taken to the UK at age eight, he has affectionate recollections of ‘Ash Town’ (a popular neighborhood in Kumasi).

Abraham Ohene Djan has, after some time, built up himself as one of the large players of the broad media industry. He has created programs for international organizations across Africa and the world at large. He owns Fiesta Television in Ghana.

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