Celebrating An Exceptional Female Painter With An Excellent Innovation

Anita-Pearl Ankor with her award at GOWA

In our modern era, women are without a doubt dominating in whatever field they end up in. In this way, it has been a ‘good’ challenge among themselves, as they are doing well overall. In as much as they are doing well overall, one person who is additionally changing the art/painting business is Anita-Pearl Ankor.

As a female painter who has been attached to this work for a while now, she has capably done various delightful bit of artworks in Ghana. This has left her notable imprints on the bustling roads of Ghana’s capital city Accra of which includes the current wall paintings (or expressions) seen around the Tetteh Quarshie and Ako Adjei exchange.

This sort of occupation is generally uncommon amongst women particularly in this part of the world- – Africa, yet Pearl has refuted all skeptics with her fabulous, and engaging show-stopper pieces.

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Her passion for what she does was influenced by her youth mission to draw walls, furniture and do diagrams on boards. For the present, it has nothing to do with her degree in Agriculture Science Post Harvest. She is following her passion. Period!! She has been steady with her works without tuning in to any obstructions.

Anita-Pearl Ankor at work

And for sure, this has paid off for her, as she was recently honoured at the Ghana Outstanding Womens Awards (GOWA) held in Ghana. Anita-Pearl Donkor was presented the honor of Ghana’s Most Outstanding Woman in Innovation onto Ghana’s driving female painter/muralist.

She has without a doubt been associated with social change, subsequently this solid and meriting award. She is currently the nation’s “Most Outstanding Woman in Innovation” as introduced by GOWA Awards.

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