Celebrating Stevie Wonder’s Age Of 70: A Long Journey Indeed!

Time passes very quick, and so soon, American Singer Stevie Wonder will be hitting 70 years old on Wednesday. On a lighter note, when the multiple Grammy award winning singer and songwriter was born on May 13, 1950 in Saginaw, Michigan, God perhaps knew he will be one of the best artist on the planet.

His childhood visual deficiency didn’t prevent him from being a fine artist. Thanks to the guardians who additionally didn’t prevent him from pursuing his fantasies.

At age twelve, Stevie Wonder made his introduction at Harlem’s Apollo Theater in December 1962. From that point, he advanced to turn into an Apollo legend. In 1963, he released his breakout hit, the No. 1 single “Fingertips,” from his collection “Recorded Live”. Prior to this, “The Jazz Soul of Little Stevie,” turned out in September 1962.

Stevie Wonder has 25 Grammy awards with — the initial three won for his great 1972 collection, “Talking Book,” which include the No. 1 single “You Are the Sunshine of My Life.”

He proceeded to win the most renowned Grammy, Album of the Year, multiple times in four years for 1973’s “Innervisions,” 1974’s “Fulfillingness’ First Finale” and his twofold LP, 1976’s “Melodies in the Key of Life.” He was tied with Frank Sinatra and Paul Simon for the record of most Album of the Year wins in Grammy history.

Wonder collaborated with Paul McCartney, for their No. 1 hit “Ebony and Ivory” in 1982, it was a noteworthy gathering for the R&B and pop universes. The single was deified on “Saturday Night Live” with the drama featuring Eddie Murphy and Joe Piscopo.

One of the worked together tunes from Stevie Wonder that made him increasingly famous was the point at which he was included in “We Are The World” by USA for Africa in 1985.

That equivalent year, Wonder additionally supported Dionne Warwick’s “That’s What Friends Are For” a noble cause single. This tune was done deliberately to fund-raise and awareness for AIDS.

Stevie has performed at major and significant occasions including a performance at the illustrious house at The Diamond Jubilee Concert in 2012. At the time, Queen Elizabeth II was amazingly content with his presentation.

In 2005, Stevie Wonder revealed to People Magazine that:

“I want my music to encourage people to understand that what the world needs is positivity, and that isn’t something that happens by happenstance,”. “It is something that you have to commit yourself to every day by the way you treat your fellow man.”

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