Chef Failatu Surpasses 100-hour Mark In An Attempt To Break New World Cook-a-thon Record

Abdul-Razak Failatu

Ghana’s chef Abdul-Razak Failatu started her Guinness World Record attempt for the longest cooking session by an individual just before the New Year 2024.

Her aggressive objective is to cook for a surprising 120 hours, intending to outperform the current cook-a-thon record held by an Irish chef Alan Fisher, who cooked for 119 hours and 54 minutes.

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In a remarkable feat, Chef Failatu surpassed Nigerian Chef Hilda Baci’s record of 93 hours in the early hours of Friday, January 5.

Failatu is on the verge of breaking the record to unseat Alan Fisher.

Having said that, a lot of people on social media are impressed by Failatu’s remarkable accomplishments so far, especially given that she does not appear to be tired at the moment.

Ghanaians are praising Chef Abdul-Razak Failatu for successfully cooking for five days in a row, and social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter is going ‘crazy’ for her.

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