China Will Now Be Focusing On Visa Applications For Foreign..

After nearly three years of being largely cut off from the outside world, travelers are now permitted to visit China this year (2023). On January 8, the Chinese government announced the lifting of several significant Covid-related entry restrictions.

However, in a significant departure from its stringent zero-Covid policy, China has cut-off all international arrivals’ quarantine requirements.

However, the question is whether international tourists will disregard this and continue to visit China for leisure purposes.

China is not yet opening its doors to leisure tourists from other countries who want to see the country’s many attractions. Except for business or family visits, foreigners are still largely prohibited from crossing the border, though the government has indicated that it is looking to ease restrictions in this area as well. A timetable has not yet been drawn.

The government’s announcement state that for the time being, it intends to concentrate on facilitating visa applications for foreign nationals traveling to China for business, employment, education, family reunification, and other purposes.

In order for the country to reopen to leisure tourists following the lifting of the quarantine, a China-focused marketing and research company says that several things need to happen.

The next thing, according to them, is for China to start issuing visas for tourism once more. The nation is yet to receive an official date, despite the fact that this is a component of the reopening policy that has been announced.

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In addition, it is essential that the international flight schedule be expanded. This will make it simpler to travel to China and reduce the prices of flights, which are still significantly higher than they were prior to the pandemic. This has already begun for some destinations; for instance, numerous flights between China and Singapore and South Korea have already resumed.

Nucleic acid tests are now only required of travelers entering China 48 hours prior to departure. Before entering, individuals with negative results no longer need to apply for a green health code at Chinese embassies and consulates abroad.

However, they are required to complete their customs health declaration forms with the results. They will not be permitted to travel to China until their tests come back negative if they test positive.

The changes are especially welcome for Chinese nationals studying or working outside the country, despite the fact that leisure tourists from other countries cannot yet visit. For nearly three years, those who were unable to afford the high cost of plane tickets and the lengthy hotel quarantines have been unable to return home.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government has become more aware of how important inbound travel is. In 2019, China had 65.7 million visitors, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

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