Chris Brown Is Optimistic This Celebrity Jungle Show Will Help With The Psychological Well-Being Of People

Chris Brown

For evident reasons, the pandemic coronavirus has had a profound mark on the image of the world, with the entertainment industry not spared by any stretch of the imagination. At first, all entertainment events were completely put to hold. However, as the days pass by, a few events are presently bit by bit being composed. One of such shows is: I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

That said, American singer Chris Brown has embraced this unscripted television show, and figures it will be entirely appropriate for these unusual and socially distancing times we currently winding up in. According to the multiple award winning artist, the show is perhaps made for quarantine and isolation.

According to the singer and songwriter, the contestants are not allowed to touch each other and further expressed that:

“They are quarantined away from everything. We have minimal contact with them. We’re never allowed to touch them or be close to them. I feel like once they’re in, they’re going to be safe. It’s probably the safest place for them to be, it’s just where that place is is the big question at the moment,”

The show, for the most part, is aired in January of every year, and shot in a jungle. It is a component of the Australian summer to watch VIPs in the wilderness. Because of its fame, top acts in the showbiz space have joined in. The 41-year-old vocalist is cheerful the show will return bigly in an alternate form.

The next season of the show will come off in January 2021. Meanwhile, the dominant King of the past season is still at post. Chris Brown is on edge for the 2021 season to start with the goal that his Living Room co-star and great mate Miguel Maestre can be de-throned. He thinks he should be supplanted. Miguel is current the champ of the 2020 version.

With more families bunkering down at home in lockdown than any time in recent memory, Chris says he’s been thrilled to see just how this program can help with the psychological well-being of people who will be watching from home.

Chris Brown additionally imagines that the pandemic has flipped around everything including heading off to the bar, clubs and engaging events, therefore this show will perhaps occupy that space.

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