Chuck Norris

Some decades ago, Chuck Norris was the toast of numerous film aficionados in view of his overbearing demeanor towards his rivals in each film he wound up in.

The veteran American Actor has been in films particularly action- packed for many decades and has heaps of movies under his sleeves. However, since time hangs tight for no man, the on-screen character has at long last hit eight decades all through his life.

The Martial Artist who celebrated his birthday on the 31st of March, 2020 is 80 years of age. Chuck Norris was born in 1940 and his birth name was Carlos Ray Norris.

Nevertheless, he obtained an extra name ‘Chuck’ through one of his films while serving in the Air Force as a 18-year-old.

The ‘No Nonsense’ actor considered Martial Arts in South Korea while he was positioned at the Osan Air Base after he found his affection for the art.

For that purpose, it wasn’t astounding seeing him continually attacking his rivals with glittering military craftsmanship aptitudes in practically the entirety of his films.

Chuck Norris in action during his active days in films

After some time at the South Korean Air Base, he began functioning as a karate educator in 1962. Norris accomplished the honor of being the primary westerner ever to hold the position of eighth degree dark belt in taekwondo.

In 1972, Norris got his huge break in the hand to hand fighting film “The Way of the Dragon,” where he and Bruce Lee had their famous battle scene in the Roman Colosseum.

He has showed up in numerous films including “Good Guys. Wear Black,” “Forced Vengeance,” “Code of Silence,” and “The Delta Force.” which happens to the majority’s top pick.

Norris additionally featured in the hit 90s CBS TV “Walker, Texas Ranger.” The show ran for eight seasons.

Chuck Norris is a humanitarian who began his own magnanimous organization called Kickstart Kids. The motivation behind Kickstart is to educate the youth with good character through karate to engage them with guiding principle, for example, discipline and respect, to accomplish their most prominent potential.

Congrats as you grasp eight decades on planet earth.

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