Ciara Gets Backlash For A New Collaboration With Chris Brown

Chris Brown || Ciara

Ciara’s new collaboration with Chris Brown has gotten enormous reaction from some fans all over the world. This is on the grounds that, they think Chris Brown has a long recorded history of violence against women. And so, Ciara’s fans were exceptionally unsettled after the news about the collaboration broke.

Ciara is quite possibly of the most dearest singer to her fans, and so it was a piece unforeseen to see her standing out as truly newsworthy due to getting lots of backlash. Since the news broke on August 3 about the new song ‘How We Roll’, it’s undeniably been reactions…

In spite of receiving criticisms from fans, Ciara went on to release a new music video for their song. Chris Brown gained notoriety for his 2009 arrest and subsequent guilty plea for assaulting his then-girlfriend, Rihanna. Additionally, he has faced allegations of harassment and abuse from model Karrueche Tran, as well as several other accusations as recently as 2022.

However, this is not the first collaboration between Ciara and Chris. They previously worked together on the song Turntables from Ciara’s 2009 album, ‘Fantasy Ride’. After the news of the Rihanna incident, Ciara contemplated removing the song, but in the end, she decided to keep it as part of the album.

The Reactions:

Ciara’s fans took to social media quickly after the news broke. They reprimanded the artist for teaming up with somebody as dubious as Brown. Many were left surprised at how the 37-year-old can team up with a artist for his savagery against women.

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Twitter users uniquely emerged with all firearms, using serious language to show their abhorrence toward Brown.

Some Of The Fans Remarks Include:

“Cute. A domestic abuser. What a shining example.”

“This is not the first time Level Up singer has decided to hang around controversial figures, another said.

“Well, she didn’t make a good choice hanging around Future, either. But now, Ciara will do a song with ‘woman beater’ Chris Brown.”

“Either Ciara is out of touch or her ppl warned her about collating with CB and she didn’t care… idk idk!!!”

Watch Ciara’s newly released Video with Chris Brown:

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