Claudinette Jean: Story Of Her Life, The Beautiful Relationship With Wyclef And Business

Marie Claudinette Jean

They say: Behind every successful man is a woman and the other way around. Consequently, Haitian rapper, singer and songwriter can unquestionably beat his chest to say, he has one of such women. Marie Claudinette Jean is the spouse of legendary performer Wyclef, and both has been married since 1994.

Claudinette Jean has been of enormous help to her hubby Wyclef, just like he has similarly done. For this load of years, the couple have progressed significantly to reach at this stature both in their marriage and in their business. One would ask: Who is Marie Claudinette Jean, and how did he meet his hubby Wyclef Jean?

Marie Claudinette Jean is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Fushá Designs Inc. and, Angelina Holdings LLC, a real estate at Montclair State University. She has an exceptionally solid operational and managerial foundation in a creation driven climate; which includes, business development, fashion designs, operational management, time management, and project coordination.

Marie Claudinette Jean was born in Jeremie Haiti. At eight years old, she relocated to the United States and settled in New Jersey with her parents, four brothers and a sister.

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Marie went to the University of Montclair in, New Jersey. For the initial three years, she studied pre-med before changing focus into fashion design/Interior decorator. She obtained a BA in Fashion Studies and Arts. In 2000, she launched her company Fushá Designs at the fashion tower on 7th Ave, New York City.

She worked in the fashion industry for more than 20 years. Fushá Designs is one of the most critically acclaimed brand categories in couture and offers luxurious fashion for men and women.

Marie Claudinette Jean has set up celebrity followers, which includes Mary J Blige, Ja Rule, Whitney Houston, gospel sensation Desiree Coleman, Patti LaBell, actors Eva LaRue, Tamara Tunie, Ben Vern, Omarosa Maniguant and dressed Wyclef Jean her hubby for the European MTV awards.

Subsequently, InStyle dubbed Wyclef one of entertainment’s top ten best- dressed men. Fushá Designs showcased four seasons’ collections with Fashion Week at Bryant Park in New York City.

She was featured in several TV slots and magazines, including Fox 5 news, Metro Channel, WB11 news, KTLA morning News, Channel E News, Sister to Sister, New York Post, Newark Star-Ledger, Women Wear Daily, and Ebony Fashion magazine (won designer of the year award from Ebony magazine).

All through her career, Claudinette Jean has consistently involved Executive Operational Designs Management positions. During which time, was effective in raising the respectability of the organizations, further developing consumer loyalty, and expanding the growth revenue.

In 2007, Marie Claudinette Jean established Fushá Village (real estate Company, Fushá Home frill and simultaneously bringing up her daughter Angelina Jean.

Marie Claudinette Jean and Wyclef Jean

After the devastating earthquake in Haiti on January 12, 2010, Marie Claudinette Jean and her husband Wyclef Jean were one of the first people on ground in Haiti less than 24hrs after the earthquake, picking up the deceased and bringing them to morgues and cemeteries.

At the point when she got back to New Jersey, she then transformed her Fushá Home Accents Company into a drop off point for service organization Yele Haiti. Marie became a functioning volunteer and has consistently been a representative for Haiti’s children and women rights.

Marie Claudinette Jean has only a daughter with 51 year-old Wyclef Jean called Angelina Claudinelle Jean.

Wyclef Jean is a Haitian-American rapper, singer-songwriter, musician, record producer, and politician who has a net worth of $10 million dollars. Wyclef initially rose to fame in the early 1990s as a member of The Fugees.

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