International Tourism Was So Beautiful, Until This Came Up

Richard Quest

As one of world’s premier business travel journalist, Richard Quest says International travel has been hindered.

As per the CNN’s Business Editor, invulnerability travel papers has been difficult to pull off and the capacity to close out others will end up being a need, at least at hotels.

Quest thinks that, it has not been easy as a pie for resorts and the entire travel industry. Business are not normal, or anything in any event, moving toward it at any point in the near future.

Many countries are still in isolate and that has negatively affected global travel industry everywhere throughout the world. Domestic travel industry might be permitted for now, but the international tourism is out of the picture until further notice.

Yes, there are vaccines, but many travelers are just disturbed about the new development most definitely. They have no option to but to acknowledge that, the pandemic has taken over everything. It is not any more safe.

Richard Quest is of the feeling that, either there will be a massive immunization, or we should be accustomed to it and live with the pandemic. Many aircrafts have foreseen that by 2022 or 2023, everything will come back to regularity.

Regarding how technology will Play a significant role in this pandemic season, Quest says he has seen an assortment of things being tested, for example, temperature at the entryway before you get onto the plane to check whether you have a fever and discuss electronic visas that show that you have antibodies.

According to him, the travel industry will be falling back on essential social distancing, as electronic identifications and IDs, tickets, clinical screening and so on will be utilized more.


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In 2019, the CEO of Heathrow air terminal expressed that, social distancing in an air terminal like Heathrow is just about practically unimaginable since you simply don’t have the space, not with these numerous flights. If you cut the trips back significantly, then truly, you can make more space, he said.

Richard Quest, who has been with CNN for as long as 20 years, has had the extraordinary fortune to do everything from major financial fiascoes and debacles directly through to the passings of popes, to rebellions, the last trip of Concord, the demise of the Queen mother, and various US presidential races.

The media mogul describes his tough challenges all during that time of covering tourism stories until Covid showed up. And he think back how fascinating it was, the point at which he began.

As indicated by Quest, COVID-19 has greatly affected the travel business since it one of the most significant ventures on the planet, for its GDP value and the people that makes the difference.

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