Coca-Cola Is Out With A New Zero-Sugar Soda

Coca-Cola has introduced a new limited edition version of the classic soft drink that comes in normal and zero sugar. The organization suspended some of it’s portfolio years back, and disposing of obsolete yet dearest drinks including Tab and Odwalla. Coca-Cola is currently centered around promoting its core product, Coke.

Presently, Coca-Cola’s new product – – ‘Starlight‘ is the first drink from Coca-Cola Creations, another innovative platform. In contrast to “cherry” or “vanilla,” it’s not promptly clear how “starlight” would taste.

But ‘Starlight’ possesses a flavor like raspberries, as per Google search. Some say, it has an aftertaste like “chocolate and graham wafer.

On Thursday February 17, Coca-Cola at last cleared up the rumours about the new product. They said:

‘Well, see for yourself: Starlight is “inspired by space” has “notes reminiscent of stargazing around a campfire, as well as a cooling sensation that evokes the feeling of a cold journey to space,” the company said in a release.

“Coca-Cola Starlight combines great Coca-Cola taste with a dash of the unexpected, including a reddish hue.”

The Newly Introduced ‘Starlight’

From the abovementioned, obviously, this will be a better form of Coca-Cola. And it is certainly Red. Meanwhile, ‘Starlight’ is getting the full Coca-Cola Creations special treatment, which includes a digital advertising campaign featuring pop artist Ava Max.

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Last year, Coca-Cola launched a new brand platform called “Real Magic.” The idea is to adopt a somewhat unique strategy to advertise Coke. This is targeted at reaching at new customers by zeroing in on gaming and music, in addition to other things.

Coca-Cola Creations, which will introduce new limited-time “products and experiences across physical and digital worlds,” is part of that platform.

After launching ‘Real Magic,’ Coca-Cola wanted to connect with and celebrate the experiences that bring joy to young people today, and that has taken them to an exciting new territory.

For Coca-Cola, reaching at youthful buyers is fundamental since interest in soft drinks has been declining for years now. Also, according to the soft drink company, invigorating new campaigns and baffling products could be a way of getting likely new clients.

In a bid to promote this new ‘Starlight’ flavor, there will be a holographic concert by Ava Max, who has also performed in the gaming platform Roblox. The concert can be accessed via a QR code on the Starlight label. Plus, the sparkly packaging and that reddish colour.

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