Colombia Invests Over $64 Million Into Their Biology Laboratories

Dr. Mabel Gisela Torres, Science Minister – Colombia

Science is the world and the other way around, in this way, countries like Colombia don’t play around it, as the country’s Minister of Science, Dr. Mabel Gisela Torres have announced an allocation of over $64,314,783 to eighty-eight (88) science research centers all through twenty seven Colombian divisions.

This is with the objective of offering logical and technological types of assistance to address issues related with organic operators of high hazard to human wellbeing.

Fifty five feasible projects that upgrade the district’s research facility have been endorsed by three representatives including Colombian Universities.

The activities include upgrades, adaptation and certification of existing laboratories, enhancements in biosecurity, infrastructure, equipment and supplies, and the training of personnel in disease diagnosis.

With this allocation, in excess of twenty five divisions of the country will have the eighty-eight research centers arranged for the coronavirus pandemic notwithstanding other increasingly settled illnesses in Colombia.

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