Complete Shortage Of Labourers: Spain To Recruit More Foreigners

Spain is at present, dealing with a significant worker shortage in the transport sector. The country is tracking down ways of dealing with what is going on. Consequently, a number of ministries have decided to collaborate on easing immigration regulations for foreign workers.

About 20% of transport organizations are in need of professional transporters, and the sector is effectively looking for extra foreign drivers to resolve this issue.

However, the government is expected to modify its current regulations in order to hire more foreign drivers because there are still some bureaucratic steps involved in hiring foreign workers.

The number of transport companies in Spain is on the rise, as evidenced by data. However, as a result of the demand for more skilled drivers, the businesses frequently encounter challenges transporting their goods.

The Social Security, Transport, and Interior ministries of Spain have decided to collaborate on easing the current regulations for foreign drivers.

The ministry believe more organizations should recruit non-EU drivers. They have proposed that more foreign drivers be brought to the country or regularize settlers who are as of now in Spain and license them to work.

It has been recommended that the rules for the recognition of driver’s licences for foreign drivers be facilitated to as this procedure can take up to eight months.

Numerous organizations have already voiced their concern regarding the lack of qualified truck drivers, stressing that this could have a significant impact on them in the not-too-distant future and obstruct normal goods transportation. As at now, the absolute number of drivers required in the sector can reach up to 15,000.

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Notwithstanding, considering the big number of foreign drivers, it is normal that the actions will be worked with somewhat and more non-EU laborers will actually want to enter Spain for purposes in the future without going through strict rules.

Those who are already in the country are expected to be permitted to enter the labour market more easily too.

According to the Spanish government, a total of 2,683,504 foreign workers across all sectors were registered in the country at the end of October. The majority of employed workers were from Morocco, Colombia, and Venezuela.

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