Concise Story Of Dr Sarah Bondorin – The Dentist Who Cares About Your Oral Hygiene

Dr Sarah Bondorin

They are to some degree ‘heros’ taking everything into account. Clinical doctors have contributed in different manners in the public eye, especially when Covid showed up from no where to lay its hands on the world.

Per the field wherein, every doctor in each area of expertise, have contributed such a great amount to the soundness of people. All health laborers including Dr Sarah Bondorin have demonstrated to the world why they are extremely crucial to our dear lives during this period of Covid.

Dr Bondorin has been working in the dental field for quite a while at this point, helping patients get away from any form of dental agony and leave with joy. She was initially attracted to dentistry since early ages in view of how little information she had about oral health in general.

Today, Dr Bondorin is glad to bestow clinical and dentistry information consistently at the Clinic. She finished her training at the University of Ghana School of Medicine and Dentistry, completing her underlying degree in Medical Sciences and afterward her Bachelor of Dental Surgery.

She is additionally guaranteed in Basic Life Support from the Medical and Surgical Skills Institute in Korle-Bu, Accra-Ghana. She invested time at both the Junior House Officer and Senior House Officer at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital before joining a dentistry team in May of 2018.

She is a current member from both the Ghana Dental Association and Ghana Medical Association.

Many people have a presumption that because of doctors’ bustling timetables, working day and night, they lack the capacity to deal with recreation hours. Yes, that might be a valid point, however Dr Sarah Bondorin is a special case.

She cherishes sports and sometimes play basketball, since it is one of her preferred games. A game she partook in during her senior high school days.

As somebody who thinks more about the best oral hygiene of people, she has devoted her whole time as a dental specialist to assist patients to come out from any issue identified with oral cleanliness.

That said, she has treated huge number of patients who visit her outfit for help. She has polished dentistry for quite a while, accordingly has similarly accumulated such a great amount of involvement with her field.

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