Cori Gordon’s Incredible Achievement: This Is The Journey

Cori Gordon

At 28 years of age, Jamaica’s Cori Gordon became the youngest Delivery Service Partner of Amazon subsequent to moving to the U.S. She was and even till now, the e-commerce business giant’s most youthful Service Partner.

Gordon really started her professional career working inside the retail and car industries. However, she believed she could perhaps be one of the finest entrepreneurs. The Jamaican then experienced burnout working over 80 hours for another person. However, upon a few considerations, she reckon she could channel more energy into something she owned.

Gordon completed her studies at Northern Caribbean University prior to migrating to the U.S. in 2013. After deciding to become an entrepreneur, she began to search online for business opportunities that not only presented a customer base, but also a clear track for success. She ultimately found what she was searching for at Amazon.

Gordon is the CEO of Cortoyou, a dispatch partnering with Amazon. Cortoyou, Gordon’s DSP, works out of Amazon’s new delivery station in Staten Island, New York, and makes deliveries to customers in Brooklyn, where she resides.

“I knew right away the Amazon Delivery Service Partner program could be a great fit for me. Everyone knows and loves the company and though I hadn’t led my own company before, the training and development resources they offered inspired me to apply.” she said.

In 2018, Amazon launched its Delivery Service Partner (DSP) program which aims to share the organization’s experience with coordinated factors and tasks with yearning business visionaries.

Through their support, the program outfits business visionaries with the vital assets to construct their own late mile delivery organizations starting from the earliest stage.

Entrepreneurs not only benefit from Amazon’s support but its technology, infrastructure, as well as a suite of exclusive services.

“The most fulfilling thing about being a DSP owner is being a job provider. It’s such an honor for me and I get so excited when an employee gets a new car, or a new phone because I know their employment with my company is helping them reach their goals” Gordon said.

Gordon has forever been very excited, particularly when she sees any of her workers getting a new vehicle or something profitable from the business. And to Gordon, this is an indication of her organization assisting people with achieving their objectives.

Family Influence:

Naturally, Cori Gordon says, she has always been committed to excellence. Gordon’s family has always created a beautifully trusting space for her to naturally exist and evolve as she please.

And because of this unconditional freedom, she decided early on to master any job she was entrusted. According to Gordon, she gives her employees this same freedom to be themselves. The result is an amazingly diverse staff whose perspectives are recognized.

Entrepreneurs Should Exude Confidence In Their Ventures” – Motsepe

Her business persona has been inspired by her dad’s relentless pursuit of success in his enterprises and her mom’s unflinching fearlessness even in the face of fluctuating reward in business. Despite the uncertainty of the destiny of their companies, her parents showed her that commitment to a cause is always rewarded.

Variety runs deep within the DSP program and owners include former sellers on, educators, military veterans, city council members, and a host of various other people from all walks of life.

Within two years of its inception, entrepreneurs have witnessed remarkable growth which includes nearly 85,000 jobs created and more than 1,300 DSPs operating across the U.S., UK, Spain, Germany, and Canada.

The Best Part Of Amazon:

Amazon announced a new diversity grant in August of 2020 to help remove barriers to entry for Black, Latinx, and Native American entrepreneurs who wanted to start a DSP. Amazon believes by investing in this program, it is creating a future for these communities. The grant provides $10,000 to each qualified candidate so they can build their own DSP business in the US.

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